Free Children's clinics

We provide free clinics and services for children at 10 venues in Kenya. In 2014-15 we served about 6,000 children

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Spirulina project

In 2014-15 over 3000 children received this nutritional supplement from our production and distribution programme

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HIV and Malaria

Homeopathy Works! Read more on success stories, projects and studies done on the treatment of malaria and HIV

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Welcome trained homeopaths and naturopaths. A great opportunity for homeopathic students

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Abha Light is more than just a clinic

  • Great Health, Naturally!

    Our book, Great Health, Naturally!, has been the lifesaving handbook for self-management of HIV for thousands of People Living with HIV/AIDS

  • Establishing new clinics

    The Abha Light programme is more than just a single health clinic. ALF helps practitioners establish their clinics and practices

  • Try this Great Health recipe

    June 2004. The nurses and counsellors of the Medical Mission Sisters home-based care project in Korogocho slum came up with this delicious immune boosting recipe from Great Health Naturally!

  • Products

    Visit our sister site for homeopathic medicines and products such as Malarix, Fluex, Livwell and our popular Mini Kits