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Homeopathy & Natural Medicine
In 1998, Homeopathy, an effective system of alternative medicine, was practically unknown in Kenya. Thanks to the hard work of Abha Light Foundation, a permanent infrastructure of professional homeopathy and alternative medicine are being established for the benefit of the people of Africa. Find out about us... click here.

Abha Light is much more than just a clinic
ALF sets out to create a permanent infrastructure for the establishment of homeopathy and alternative medicine in Kenya; advocates for the full recognition of alternative medicine; and works towards educating traditional healers in modern sciences. To do all that, we have a number of activities.
The Extensive Work of Abha Light
Donate • Abha Light College of Natural Medicine • health centres and more opening every year • over 25 village mobile clinicspublicationsproducts • effective naturopathic therapy for hiv/aids managementMalariX® malaria prevention & treatment • regular public workshops seminarsnatural medicine research & development • the largest homeopathic pharmacy in kenya
And... we do so much more. Find out about us... click here. Donate
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