ALF Women’s Action Group

The Nairobi team: Juliah, Lydia, Elizabeth, Amina, Janice, Rekha
The women professional practitioners and technicians in Abha Light have come together to offer their time and skills in service to their respective communities. As a team they organize and volunteer in various activities that promote women’s and children’s health care and awareness. Over the years, these women have made an impact in both the rural and urban communities

Some notable projects:
2014-ongoing The Women’s Action Group have been essential in the development and implementation of the Free Children’s Clinic program.
Esther Nyala in Kambimawe

2012 – The Action Group organized and hosted the first Infant Massage Instructors Training with IAIM.
upcoming 2017 – The Action Group will again host the IAIM for another Infant Massage Instructors Training

infantmassagenairobi-jan2012-2     infantmassagenairobi-jan2012-1

2003-2011 The HIV/AIDS Support group in Kariobangi, Nairobi met every Wednesday for 9 years under the guidance of Rekha Masaku

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2003-2006 The Juja Road Street Children’s Health Care and Food Distribution program