Healing in the villages

Faridah Mohammed Likoni- Mombasa
My story is about a child named Bidallah, the third born in the family of four. She was brought for the 1st consultation she was suffering from TB. Her body looked weak and was underweight and had failure to thrive. She also had night perspiration and persistent cough that was productive, thirstless, fevers, anaemic. Her mum took her for medical check-up and was diagnosed with TB and was given some convectional medicine. But till now she showed no improvement in her growth development and still show a lot of symptoms of TB. She was 5 months into her conventional treatment.

I gave her some homeopathic medicines with spirulina and also advised her mother to take her for medical check-up after 3 weeks of medication before the next follow-up.

When she came for 2nd consultation the child looked active and more improved than before. She gained weight; her mother said that spirulina really helped her in terms of appetite. The recurrent cough was reduced and frequent perspiration at night were gone. Her mother appreciated the treatment we offered and even requested me to stabilize the diabetic condition she had.

Lydia, Thirime Primary School-Kibera

A parent came to me with all five of her children. Three of them had ringworm, and two were malnourished and weak. The mother reported that they had no appetite for food. I gave them homeopathic treatment and gave them our natural food supplement spirulina and after two weeks the mother reported back that her children are strong, healthy and lively as before.

Munga Ndune, Kasemeni, Kilifi
Mlongo Katana came to our place, she was referred by her friend whom I had previously treated her son suffering asthma. I practice in Kasemeni, a dry area, without any big trees. People here use motorbikes as a means of transport because the road is rough and not tarmacked. Most of the people living in this area are of the Duruma tribe. Most of them are farming and keeping goats and cows. Goats and cows are the wealth of the people here. Mlongo has five children in the family, Karisa is the third born and is 8 years old. Karisa is suffering from asthma. Most of the time he does not go to school because of the asthma attacks. He always feel the chest is burning and dry cough, feel difficulty in breathing and produce wheezing sound, feel head, cough that only gets better when sitting. I gave him a homeopathic remedy to take that time and told the mother to report me after two days.
After two days Mlongo called and said Karisa is feeling a bit better. Mlongo came for a follow up with Karisa and I gave a remedy again. I then told the mother to keep calling me to inform how Karisa is getting on. After two months I got a call to inform me that Karisa is no longer getting asthma attacks. He is progressing well in school. Mlongo was happy to see her son is better.

Kadzo Ndebwa came to the place where I practice in Kasemeni, she lives in Muache village. She was given a flier by her friend that’s why she look for me, because her son is suffering for long. Kadzo has six children. Salim is the sixth child in the family, his five years old. Salim suffers from ringworm. He misses school for one week now. He has small rashes which are in circle on the head and face, small lesions on the head which are offensive, feel itching. I gave him a remedy to take for two weeks. After two weeks Kadzo came for follow with Salim, she was happy to see the ringworm were disappearing on the head and face. I gave him a remedy again for one week and tell the mother to call me to inform more about Salim. After one week Kadzo called and said that Salim is better and his in school now. Salim was so happy to be cured.

Emily Njoki
11 yr old boy suffering from catarrhal conjunctivitis. The eyes water all the time with acrid lachrymation. The lids burn and are swollen with sticky mucus. I gave homeopathic remedies and the symptoms had disappeared in three days. He was able to return to school after two weeks of suffering.

Esther, Wote Clinic
Nehema lives in Mavindini, she is the first born in a family of three. Her mother brought him after being off from school due to constant attacks of convulsions. Her health had deteriorated and she was very thin and suffered malnutrition, she looked like 8 yrs child with thin limbs and pale eyes. I gave spirulina and some remedies. After a few days the attacks improved very much, now she has gone back to school. After seeing us for 5 months, her health improved and studying well now. Her parents are very grateful because she went back to her studies.

Julius, Wote Clinic
Felister and her family lives in Kaumoni village in Makueni county. She has 3 children; her second born Daniel is 5 yrs old. I was treating his grandmother when Daniel’s mother told me about his epilepsy, and we agreed that she bring him for treatment. Daniel was accompanied by his mother.The boy was very restless and hyperactive. He had not settled in the consultation room during consultation session. He had also suffered epileptic seizures that night. His face had lots of bruises and scars due to falls he used to get many times due to convulsions. He had also lost his speech for 2 months after he become epileptic, his intelligent was much affected. Due to this, his mother was so worried because Daniel had to stop going to school, and she had to stop going to work so as to look after him. She also had hard time communicating with him since he lost speech. After the consultation, I gave him some homeopathic remedies and spirulina to take while at home.

Three days after the visit, I called his mother and she said that Daniel was improving. Before starting medications with me, he could have 3 occurances a day, but after starting treatment they reduced to once or twice a day and not very strong as before. I continued seeing him for 6 months and the convulsions cleared completely. The hyperactivity also cleared, I continued seeing him and 3 months later he regained his speech back with full fluency! His mother is so grateful because her son can now talk, play, with other siblings and attends school. She is also happy because she can now go to work again without being worried about her son.

Patrick, Wote Clinic
Faith hails from Kisau village in Makueni County and lives with her family, being youngest of three. She was brought to clinic with wounds all over her body that were oozing pus. She wasn’t going to school due to this sickness. She couldn’t even feed herself nor sleep well due to pains in her body. I gave her colloidal silver to use externally and homepathic remedies. After a week, healing had already commenced and in three months’ time she was totally healed. Now she can feed herself and interact with other children well and continue with home duties.

Joseph Ndhiwa, Machakos
A boy of 13 had suffered a skin rash that would not heal even with application of local creams and other medicines for not less than 5 years. The skin would itch all day long and would ulcerate on scratching. Now 6 months since commencement of treatment, the ulcers and itchiness have ameliorated and in there place he has been left with dark spots. He is still on treatment. Thanks to our donors/funders, and well-wishers.

More Children’s Health Care Initiative Stories

Joseph, Mtitune, Machakos County
A child of 11 years had been having a persistent cough every day for two years. Her parents had tried “everything” and no treatment would help her. The symptoms would worsen every time she would touch cold water or go into a cold place. After 3 months of treatment she only has occasional coughs. Thanks to FCC clinic.As we close the year 2016 and usher in the new year 2017, We are grateful to everyone for their support throughout 2016 and we pray for God’s grace, protection and providence upon all our partners, well-wishers and donor community.

John, Matuu, Machakos County
I treated a young boy in October 2nd week 2016; aged 12yrs. He had chronic recurrent allergies since birth i.e. eyes itching, coughing, tonsillitis especially in cold dumb weather. The boy was restless, ringworm on head and stomach upsets on and off. His mother had taken him to different hospitals but symptoms relapsed as usual. A week after I received a phone call from his mother and said the boys sleep s well, no coughing, restless and itching has improved greatly. In my first follow up November 7th, I learned that he had great improvement. On the second follow-up on Dec p when I saw the boy he had up to 70% improved. His mother and the entire family are so happy for the miracle healing. Now been getting patients from that family almost every week in my main clinic.

More Stories from the Children’s Health Care Initiative

Elizabeth, Utawala Nairobi County
A boy 12 years old has been sick with cerebral palsy, and autistic. He had low vision, whenever he writes he will hold a pencil at the tail end and will write mirror images (like write a six as a nine = 6 for 9 and vice versa. His parents were devastated, because they have tried several treatments and the problem wasn’t clearing. When he was introduced to Homeopathy remedies, The problem starting clearing after two weeks. Three months now the boy hold his pencil well, write correct images, read his books and solve basic mathematical problems. The parents are so excited. “These medicines have given us a lot of hopes” comments the boy’s mother.

A girl 10 years old with a similar problem had her limbs shaking and could not be steady. Just putting on a pair of shoes will take her 15 minutes. Her hands were always held while writing. Two weeks after introducing her to homeopathy, Her limbs never shake anymore, now she can write visible on her own, go downs stairs and upstairs with little or no assistance at all. Though not completely healed but there are tremendous improvements.

Moses, Ndivisi Bungoma County
A boy, 3 years old, born underweight 1.2 kg, emaciated, unable to talk or stand since April 2016, In August 2016, when I when the child was brought to my clinic, I introduced him to spirulina and colloidal silver , in a period of 3 months, the boy can now stand, is active and looks healthier. This has changed the parents mindset, from believing that their boy was under a spell of witchcraft. They now believe that indeed spirulina has nutritional values that were helpful in growth of a child.

Joseph, Mtitune, Machakos
A girl of 14 years with epilepsy had been having frequent fits since she was young.The mother couldn’t remember precisely the onset .This had affected her social and academic life.
Now it has been 3 months since we put her on treatment.The fits are infrequent, occurring once or twice a month. Her class work has also improved.

Stories from the Children’s Health Care Initiative

Some Stories from the Free Children’s Clinics

A family at Kalembe Raha…where we have been visiting and practicing in a humble church surrounded by very rudimentary shacks housing families. It resembles a small squatter camp amongst small subsistence farms.

The majority of the children suffer from ringworm of the scalp, (tinea capitis), and other parts of the body.
A family of six children came on the 1st visit and had numerous lesions, some even ulcerated. On returning 2 weeks later having received Homeopathic remedies,
colloidal silver and spirulina, all showed very significant improvement. After attending 4 -5 fortnightly appointments the lesions had completely cleared for 2 children out of the 6. They kept coming for top ups of Spirulina and the ringworm remainedabsent. Their siblings did well on treatment with much reduction of the lesions, some also completely clearing by the 8TH visit.

The well-being of the children generally can be seen in the way they are active and playing around happily.

They all received homeopathic medicines and colloidal silver for 2 weeks at the outset of treatment, and have been adding spirulina to their diet for the past 3 -4 months

-Christopher Makima-Homeopath


A case of mental retardation in 14 year old boy.

He presented with a rather vacant expression, left arm weakness, a past history of convulsions, learning disability (not very pronounced…but still maybe mind of 11year old?), frequent headache, and frequent ‘malaria’ symptoms, and a crawling sensation from cervical spine to lumbar. On enquiring of his history it transpired his mother had malaria when he was born, in fact it sounds like he had malaria on entering the world. His first day of independent existence was marked by experiencing convulsions. (and most likely treated with quinine)

He was given homeopathic remedies based on history and symptoms, and Spirulina.

2 weeks later attending, his mother reported he had experienced ‘malaria’ namely fever, fever blisters, body pains, a lot of headache. He had carried on with the remedies and come through that (amounting to healing response). The headache and crawling sensation had gone. He looked much brighter in countenance.

The 2nd prescription addressed more his mental/emotional symptoms and residual effects of his baby trauma. Brain impairment, partial paralysis etc. He was given homeopathic medicines and further Spirulina, 2 weeks later his mother advised white worms had been evident in his stool, and that he was ‘doing well’ still. Homeopathic medicine was giving for a week, a hom worm mix, colloidal silver and more Spirulina given 2 weeks later he looking more animated to me. Reporting that his right arm stronger. No sign of worms in stool. Repeated homeopathic medicine for one week. Spirulina still using. 2 weeks later Mother reporting he is more active and physically able. Can cycle to river, and fetch water into 20 litre jerrycans, loading them onto bicycle, cycling back.

In the following 5 fortnightly appointments he has been treated for fleeting acute problems like tummy ache and bruised knee

With homeopathic medicines he progresses well, as can be seen in his general demeanour and behaviour. He looks like he is becoming more grown up, whilst more animated and responsive. The right arm weakness seems to be slowly improving and the regular use of Spirulina is giving him the good nutritional boost he needs as well to keep his immune system functioning more optimally

-Steve Smith, Homeopath

Medical Mission Sisters of Korogocho slum Interim Report on Great Health Naturally therapy.

Great Health Naturally studies Korogocho Project

First Interim Report On Immune-Based Natural Therapy
In The Treatment For Hiv/Aids JUNE – DECEMBER 2004
note: this programme is still contining till today
Report by G. E. Horsfield, SRN Medical Mission Sisters, Programme Coordinator
P.O. Box 53376-00200 Nairobi Kenya

The programme for using Immune-Based Natural Therapy was started in Korogocho in June 2004. The therapy is based on the advice given in the book “Great Health, Naturally! – Immune Restoration and Digestive Health”. This book is published by Abha Light Foundation, Nairobi Kenya.

Forty patients with HIV/AIDS were chosen to receive the treatment. These were patients who had either chosen to use the natural therapy rather than ARVs, or were not suitable for treatment with ARVs.

Of these patients
• 19 were in stage 4 (the last stage of the disease)
• 19 were in stage 3
• 2 were in stage 2

The patients were examined, and given baseline blood tests.
• CD4 Count
• Haemogramme
• Liver Function Test

It was planned to repeat the tests after the patients had used the medicine for 6 months to assess the effectiveness of the treatment. Opportunistic infections which occured during the time of treatment, were usually treated with homeopathic remedies, though antibiotics and other drugs were available when needed.

as modified for use in the Korogocho programme

Item “Dose” Purpose
Fermented Cabbage Juice 1/2 cup twice daily contains probiotic (friendly) bacteria, also contains many antioxidants and is medicinal for skin, digestion, cellular function.
Brazil nuts 1 nut daily high in selenium, a necessary antioxidant for the immune system
Pilipili Dawa* 1/2 teaspoon twice daily balances the acidity levels in the intestines and blood, balances body temperature, enhances appetite, enhances sleep, improves digestion.
Hydrogen Peroxide 5 drops daily in a glass of water in small oral doses will act as a natural antibiotic. H2O2 is naturally produced in the body for the same purpose.
Isabgol (Psyllium Husks) 1 teaspoon daily improves and balances digestive health and intestinal function
Whole Lemon and Olive Oil Drink 1/2 cup once a week detoxifies the liver, improves lymphatic drainage and neural function thus checking lymphadenopathy and neuropathy.*

*Pilipili Dawa is a homemade “medicinal” hot sauce made of ingredients in the proportions suggested in Great Health, Naturally! The ingredients include: garlic, vinegar, chillies, tumeric, ginger and molasses.


Of the 40 patients who began the treatment:
●  3 died quite soon after starting treatment
– 2 were very sick when they started. Probably for them any treatment was too late
– 1 was an alchoholic drinking a lot, and not taking the medicine well
●  5 went home to the rural areas
●  2 stopped taking the medicine without giving reasons.
●  3 changed their minds about the treatment and opted for ARVs instead.
● 27 patients continued the treatment. Considering the social and economic situation of the area, this is a good return rate. It was clear that those who were very faithful to following the therapy profited more.


● 5 patients have had slight loss of weight
● 9 patients gained weight
● 13 patients maintained their weight.


So far 14 patients have had their repeat blood tests, of these:
● CD4 Count of 1 patient has gone down slightly (This patient is under investigation for probable carcinoma of the cervix)
● CD4 Count of 13 patients has gone up

Lymphocyte count has gone up in all 14 patients

Liver Function has improved in all 14 patients.


All 27 patients report a reduction in typical symptoms such as skin lesions, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, poor sleep, low grade fevers, low body temperature, poor digestion, poor intestinal function and general infections.


Cost of therapy and medicines

Ksh 95/- per patient per month. (US$ 1.26, € 1, £ 0.72)

Cost of preparation*

Ksh 45/- per patient per month

* The cost of preparation will decrease as more patients start treatment.


● So far, it seems, this method of treatment is effective.

Without it, or another type of treatment, some of the patients in stage 4 would have died by this time. The patients feel well on the treatment, they eat better and sleep better. With this evidence of the effectiveness of the treatment it is now planned to increase the number of patients to be given this immune-based natural therapy.
● The Homeopathic Remedies used so far at the Natural Therapy Clinic are very effective.

Further comparative studies are being done to measure their effectiveness with our patients.
● When patients test positive for HIV, they are counseled as to the different therapies offered. If they are at a stage where they need to start more intensive treatment and if they would be suitable for Anti-Retroviral drugs, they are offered the choice to attend the Natural Therapy clinic or the ARV clinic.

The implications of taking ARVs are explained, the need for absolute adherence to the regime of the drugs and continuing for life. It is also explained to patients that choose the natural therapy that they can be referred to the ARV clinic anytime if for some reason they don’t improve on the natural therapy or themselves want to change over.