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Donate monthly: $50.00 USD
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USERS of MPESA can PAYBILL: 641017; for “Account Number” please write [Donation]

A small but regular monthly donation can go a long way in Africa. Your donation will be used to pay for free children’s clinics, village mobile clinics and other activities.
Homeopathic medicines and naturopathic therapies are, in themselves, inexpensive, and so are the basic requirements to run these innovative programmes.

Your help is needed. You can help us in different ways. You can…

● Donate

» as a one-off donation or recurring donation (through PAYPAL)
» by standing order to Paypal, UK or Kenyan bank account

● Share this website with friends and encourage others to help us
● Sponsor a student or clinic
● Work as a volunteer in Kenyan projects
● Create a fund-raising event
● Tell us if you have a project you’d like to make happen