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Abha Light, Homeopathy, Natural Medicine


HIV Patient Survey using Great Health Naturally, protocols and Homeopathy

Medical Mission Sisters of Korogocho slum Interim Report on Great Health Naturally therapy.

The effects of neem preparation for the prophylaxis of malaria in Tanzania.

100 links to Homeopathic Researches

Read what newspapers say

Business Daily, 2010

True Love Magazine, 2006 (download PDF)

The Nation, 2004

E African Standard, 2003 PAGE1

E African Standard, PAGE2 Achieving health naturally

E African Standard, PAGE3 Maintaining low pH reduces HIV replication

Some great places to visit

Homeopathy Heals Me Campaign

Aids Remedy Fund; NL

Lotus Health Institute, USA

Helios Homeopathic Pharmacy; UK

Remedia Homeopathie Pharmacy; Austria


The most practical book on HIV management Abha Light on YouTube
Great Health, Naturally! Part 1 Immune Restoration  
homeopathy, HIV management with alternative medicine in Kenya


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HIV management with alternative medicine in Kenya