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We have has great success in treating the symptoms of malaria with different products.
One is Malarix and another is Neem Drops.z_malarix1

Read Tara Blasco’s letter, the director of Global Resource Alliance as she writes about Abha Light’s Neem Drops in Tanzania.

From: Tara Blasco
Date: Sat, 18 Nov 2006

Dear Didi,
I am very pleased to send you the neem article we published at

I also want to express again my appreciation for facilitating the neem drops information. We are making a lot of progress in Tanzania. There are several thousands of people using them. … A doctor is doing a very interesting study on the use of the drops and is now in collaboration with the government, since they have expressed an interest in these drops.

The truth is that the feedback we are getting from the users and the doctor doing research is really good. Basically people are saying that they have been malaria- free, or very low impact of malaria since they started using the drops. Very promising! I wanted to update you on the good news, and also to let you know what you have facilitated in Tanzania by your help. We are really grateful!

Best regards, Tara Blasco

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GREAT HEALTH, NATURALLY! is intended for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) for self-care, families of PLWHAs, health care providers, counsellors, nutritionists and home-based caretakers.

This book contains vital and useful information that should be made available to every PLWHAs. It is the first book of it’s kind to be published in Kenya. It can be sold throughout Africa.

It is being distributed at the lowest possible cost so that it can be made available to every interested PLWHAs.

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