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About Our Team

Rachael Rekha Masaku

Rekha is a Naturopathic practitioner. She’s trained in Homeopathy, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Bowen Technique and Massage. Her specialities are in Wellness and weight Loss, back pain, allergies and children. She incorporates nutrition and a number of other techniques in her therapy such as counselling, EFT, NADA and Acupuncture. She’s also a trained Infant Masssage Instructor.

In addition, she’s a certified trainer in NADA Therapy and Abha Light Foundation’s trainer in Reflexology and assistant trainer in Homeopathy.

Jaddu Rawi

Rawi is a Homeopath and a Sport Massage Therapist and nutritional counsellor for People Living with HIV. His specialities are in Wellness & weight loss, sport massage.

Janice Kawira

Janice is a Homeopath and Reflexologist and is nutritional counsellor for People Living with HIV. Her specialities are in general diseases, reflexology.



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Rachael Rekha MasakuJadu RawiJanice Kawira

Homeopathy, Bowen, Massage, Reflexology, NADA
Speciality: Wellness & Weight Loss, Allergies, Back pain

Homeopathy, Sport Massage
Speciality: Wellness & Weight Loss

Homeopathy, Reflexology,
Speciality: General diseases, Reflexology

Please note each of our practitioners are on their own schedules. You may make an appointment according to their schedules for Consultation sessions at Bandari Plaza location or for a reflexology or massage session at your home.
CLINIC ConsultationJaniceJaniceJaniceJaniceJaniceJanice
HOME VisitRachaelRachaelRachael

Therapy1st Session2nd Session3rd Session4th Session
Therapy1st Session2nd Session3rd Session4th Session
Usual feeDiscountUsual feeDiscountUsual feeDiscount
ReflexologyKsh 1500300025504500390060004950
Sport MassageKsh 2000400034006000520080006600
Therapeutic Bowen or Full Body MassageKsh 30006000510090007800120009900
Additional charge for home visits per visitKsh 500
Homeopathic & Naturopathic TreatmentKsh 3000
Wellness programme (3 months)Ksh 20000
HCG Diet programme (3 months)Ksh 17000

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